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🌐 sitesshowcase

After some weeks I finished my side project.

I was thinking in a new project to start, and get the opportunity of test svelte. Suddenly I thought about the idea of a site where you could upload pages especially from designers, collaboratives, developers to show.

On the site the pages sent do not pass through a filter, it is automatically uploaded. My idea was to do this and that those sites that were not in line with the page were reported for review.


The most important thing I have to say is that they use svelte, it's really simple and with a lot of potential!

Are you a designer, developer, creative or a simple curious looking for inspiration?

Take a look

🌐 sitesshowcase

I hope you upload your personal sites to the web

Github repo:

All suggestions, recommendations and criticisms will be well accepted 🙌 And this is my first post in hashnode too 🎉

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What do you use for the database?

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Gergely Polonkai Yes, it's haha. Thank you for submitting your site! I will soon be implementing a system of likes